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Ready to get fit but concerned about joint pain and soreness?  Have you considered aquatic exercise? Performing exercise in the swimming pool is a great option for all individuals, including those with joint pain, back pain or individuals carrying extra weight.

Benefits of aquatic exercise:

  • The water softens the impact on the joints making exercise less painful.
  • The buoyancy of the water counteracts gravity, resulting in decreased compression of the spine.
  • Water provides natural resistance against your movements requiring your muscles to work harder, resulting in increased strength and balance.
  • Blood vessels dilate, increasing circulation while performing aquatic exercise.
  • Joining an aquatic exercise class provides an opportunity to interact with others.
  • Exercising in warm water keeps muscles and joints warm, reducing risk of injury.
  • Aquatic exercise can be calming and relaxing, resulting in decreased levels of stress.

The Patrick Rehab-Wellness Center features and Olympic-sized swimming pool with water classes offered for all levels of fitness.  Grab your swimsuit and join us!



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