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Credit Policies

To keep your cost as low as possible and your quality of care high, we practice firm, but fair, credit policies. If your physician decides your admission is an emergency, you will be admitted immediately, without questions about your guarantor or payment. After admission we will contact you or your guarantor regarding payment arrangements.For non-emergency cases, a cash deposit is requested at the time of admission if the patient does not present acceptable assignable insurance or other coverage.

Medicare, TennCare, Blue Cross, TriCare or assignable group insurance will be accepted. The patient must present some evidence of insurance coverage, such as a valid insurance card.

We accept payment arrangements based on the amount of patient liability and ability to pay. If payments are not made as agreed upon, the account may be referred to a collection agency.

Any hospital bill incurred as the result of an accident, or of any other cause involving a dispute regarding liability between a patient and others, does not involve the hospital. The hospital will expect payment from the patient in the same manner as bills resulting from any other illness.

Insurance Claims

We will complete and file your insurance paperwork for claims that are assigned to the hospital.


Most group insurance and some individual insurance policies require pre-certification for hospital admissions. If your policy requires pre-certification, it is your responsibility to notify your doctor. If pre-certification is required by your insurance company, and you do not follow your insurance company's guidelines, your insurance company may reduce or deny your hospital benefits. Check with your insurance company about obstetrical pre-certification policies. Some companies require notification from you by the seventh month of pregnancy.

Credit Cards

Lincoln Medical Center accepts payments made by Master Card, VISA, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

Payment may be made in person at the Cashier's Office at the hospital, or by mail or phone.

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