Volunteer Organization

Today, volunteers from all walks of life play a crucial role at Lincoln Health System. Volunteers give a few hours each week to comfort a worried patient, assist with administrative duties, or help a busy nurse. In return, these people make a difference in someone's life, meet new friends, stay active, and help to make our community healthier.


Opportunities to volunteer are almost unlimited. Volunteers may serve in many different capacities. There is even a Junior Volunteer Program for teens who want to give back to their community as well as experience a healthcare environment to help them determine if healthcare may be a potential career path!

Volunteer Opportunities are available at most of the Lincoln Health System Affiliates:

  • Lincoln Medical Center
  • Donalson Care Centers
  • Patrick Rehab-Wellness Center
  • Lincoln Medical Home Health and Hospice

For more information about volunteer services, please contact:

Lincoln Health System
Human Resources Department

2270 Thornton Taylor Parkway, Suite B
Fayetteville, TN 37334

You can also send us an email at lmchr@lchealthsystem.com or fill out our online Volunteer Application.