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Lake-Lynn Pitts is a girl who knows how to make an entrance. Not many babies are born with their mothers having complications of a ruptured appendix and going into pre-term labor. This was definitely the case for sweet baby Lake-Lynn and how she entered this world.
“I remember how great the nurses were at keeping me calm and stable, explains Samanda Dollar,” Lake-Lynn’s mom.
Samanda was only twenty-four weeks pregnant when she arrived at Lincoln Medical Center. Her appendix had ruptured, causing pre-term labor.
“The chance of a baby living at 24 weeks is less than 1 out of 10 as well as them being able to function normally, explains Dr. Theresa Morrison, delivering physician. “She had good maternal judgment and knew to come in, together we were able to save this babies life.”
Lake-Lynn was born weighing only 1 pound and 4 ounces. The staff at Lincoln Medical Center was able to stabilize her and prepare her for the move to Vanderbilt. As soon as she entered the unit Angel Transport from Vanderbilt was called and they were already on site when the delivery was made.

“We offer state-of-the-art services to mothers and their families at our Family Birthing Center, states Stefanie Brown, OB Manger. “Our patients and families are at the heart of everything we do.” “Our staff is specially trained to provide immediate, high-quality clinical care at all times for our mothers and their newborns.” “I am very proud of how our staff performed the day that this tiny baby was born.” “We all worked together as a team to provide the best care for this baby and to stabilize her for transport.”

Lake-Lynn was sent on to Vanderbilt and in the days and weeks ahead she was visited daily by her mom and loved ones. After three months her weight stabilized and they were able to bring her home to join her big brother Remington and big sister Skylin. Today she is a happy, and bright 12 month old. Just recently Lake Lynn and her mom paid a special visit to Lincoln Medical Center. Samanda wanted to show off her little bundle and again express her thanks to Lincoln Medical for all that was done to save her sweet baby girl.

“Samanda is a great mom,” states Dr. Morrison. “She is one of the most important reasons that Lake-Lynn is doing so well today.”

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