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Lincoln Health System recently purchased 3 LUCAS hands-free, mechanical CPR system for the LMC Ambulance Service.

Training on the new devices has already been completed and the LUCAS devices are in the ambulances ready for use.


“We purchased the LUCAS system as an additional resource for our ambulance to assist in maintaining chest compressions during what is sometimes a long trip to Lincoln Medical Center.  The need for a piece of equipment like this became more urgent because of COVID,” said Lincoln Health System CEO, Darrell Blaylock.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in fewer available trained personnel to assist in cardiac resuscitation transports and the LUCAS device can now bridge this gap allowing for uninterrupted compressions and better patient outcomes.

For a patient in cardiac arrest, chest compressions work to keep the heart pumping and maintain blood flow through the body delaying tissue death.  These compressions must be maintained while on the scene as well as during the trip to the Emergency Room.

“A huge benefit to the LUCAS device is that it doesn’t get tired like a human would.  It can provide consistent compressions maintaining the same speed and pressure for long periods of time,” said Richard Wright, LMC Ambulance Service director.  “It also frees up EMS staff to dedicate their attention to other critical tasks and patient needs.  It’s a great tool that will help us provide better service and care for our community.”

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