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Not many people can say they worked at the same hospital for over 47 years, but Herman Pinegar, Jr. can. Herman began working in the lab at Lincoln County Hospital in 1962 almost immediately after graduation from Vanderbilt lab school and continued his career there through his retirement in 2009. Navigating the changes and evolution of health care, including the introduction and advancement of new technologies, over nearly half a century was a challenge, but Herman was up for it. He was so committed to the hospital that he was a part of the committee that led the charge to build the new facility.

Herman even owes his marriage to the hospital in a sense, having married Lincoln County native Reba McAfee, a licensed nurse practitioner in the OB/maternity ward at the time. The two have nowbeen married 51 years, and both of their daughters were born at Lincoln County Hospital. Herman says Lincoln County is a great place to raise his family and he has loved serving the people there.

“It’s a community that cares about each other,” he says. “It felt like you were really helping people.”

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