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Today, April 25, 2017, has been officially declared the date of Lincoln Health System’s Centennial.  County Mayor Bill Newman delivered a proclamation to Lincoln Health System to memorialize the occasion.  April 25th will now be titled “LHS Day” in the coming years.  Thank you Mayor Newman for your support of Lincoln Health System.

Official Proclamation

Whereas Lincoln Health System has been a cornerstone of the community for a century

 Whereas Lincoln Health System has provided quality health care for members of Lincoln County for generations

Whereas Lincoln Health System continues to be on the front lines of health care, committed to innovation and person-centered care

 Whereas having a quality health system of Lincoln Health System’s caliber  in our own county provides accessible care and employment opportunities vital to the community

 Whereas Lincoln Health System uniquely remains county-owned and the pride of the community

 Now therefore let it be proclaimed by Bill Newman in my power as Lincoln County Mayor that April 25, 2017 be declared the date of Lincoln Health System’s official Centennial. This momentous occasion shall be commemorated as the anniversary of Lincoln Health system—  now titled “LHS Day” — in the coming years.

 Lincoln Health System is the heartbeat of our town and has been providing compassionate care for each person in the community for 100 years today. Whether you remember visiting the old hospital or were born in the new facility, I would wager every person in Lincoln County has interacted with LHS in some capacity, and as a community, we are grateful for the service and commitment to quality care each doctor, nurse and staff person exhibits every day. We celebrate the legacy and the future of LHS, knowing that without it, our county would not be what it is today.

 Let it also be proclaimed that all businesses, industries and citizens in Lincoln County be urged to support and commend this observance.


Bill Newman, Lincoln County Mayor

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