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This week, May 19-25, 2019 is celebrated nationally as EMS Week: Beyond the Call.  Celebrations this week are designed to honor and recognize the men and women who deliver vital emergency care to communities throughout the United States.

Locally, more than 33,000 residents in the 571 square miles of Lincoln County, TN rely on Lincoln Medical Center Ambulance Service personnel to respond to the call for help and provide the highest quality pre-hospital care during their time of need.

Lincoln County’s Ambulance Service began operations in 1972 with 2 ambulances, 9 employees and only basic first-aid being offered at the time.  The scope of care for EMS providers has changed drastically in the past 47 years. The staff of 22 full-time and 12 part-time employees at LMC Ambulance Service completes over 30 hours of in-service and continuing education annually to stay up to date with the latest training and technology to meet the medical emergencies they encounter every day.

As the first point of medical care in an emergency, each time a truck leaves the station they must now be prepared to provide Advance Life Support, diagnose a STEMI in the field (ST Elevated Heart Attack), diagnose a stroke and initiate a Code Stroke in the ER at LMC, stop a hemorrhage, deliver a baby, or comfort a scared child.

“I am inspired by the hard work and dedication of LMC’s EMS providers,” said Candie Starr, Lincoln Health System CEO.  These courageous men and women are ready to respond to a call for help anytime, anywhere.  Our team of EMTs and paramedics is one of the most competent, highly trained teams you will find in any rural county.  Lincoln County is extremely lucky to have the best pre-hospital care available to them if the need arises.”

Lincoln County is blessed to have a highly motivated, compassionate, and dedicated staff of EMS professionals. As the nation celebrates all EMS professionals this week, please take a moment to celebrate the local heroes who serve this community with pride and passion:

  • Dr. William R. Jones, Medical Director. Serving since 1976
  • Richard Wright, AEMT, Director of EMS. Serving since 1975
  • Chad Brown, Critical Care Paramedic, Assistant Director of EMS. Serving since 2001
  • Ronnie Smith, AEMT, Shift Supervisor. Serving since 1991
  • Marty Mathis, AEMT, Shift Supervisor. Serving since 1997
  • Greg Dunn, AEMT, Shift Supervisor. Serving since 2008
  • Pete Fears, Paramedic. Serving since 1981
  • Richard Medley, Paramedic. Serving since 1987
  • Lorri Brazell, Paramedic. Serving since 1988
  • Chris Jackson, Paramedic. Serving since 1989
  • Brian Rutledge, Paramedic. Serving since 1994
  • Todd Knight, Critical Care Paramedic. Serving since 2001
  • Kevin Strickland, Paramedic. Serving since 2001
  • Jason Deal, Critical Care Paramedic. Serving since 2002
  • Dwayne Clark, Critical Care Paramedic. Serving since 2005
  • Casey Durham, Critical Care Paramedic. Serving since 2007
  • Linford Miller, Critical Care Paramedic. Serving since 2007
  • Matthew Fitch, AEMT. Serving since 2009
  • Curtis Creson, Critical Care Paramedic. Serving since 2010
  • Jacob Painter, Critical Care Paramedic. Serving since 2010
  • Kelly Yorba, Paramedic. Serving since 2010
  • Jason Whitt, AEMT. Serving since 2010
  • Zach Means, Paramedic. Serving since 2010
  • Justin Wiser, AEMT. Serving since 2010
  • Allan Snider, Critical Care Paramedic. Serving since 2011
  • Brandi Long, AEMT. Serving since 2011
  • Tommy Cross, AEMT. Serving since 2011
  • Steven Smith, AEMT. Serving since 2012
  • Corey Gerdeman, Paramedic. Serving since 2012
  • Hunter Case, Paramedic. Serving since 2013
  • Luke Lovelady, Paramedic. Serving since 2016
  • Tyler Cross, AEMT. Serving since 2016
  • Gavin McCurry, AEMT. Serving since 2018

With over 486 combined years of experience, this team of EMT’s, paramedics, and physicians provide quality care and transport to the sick and injured in our community.  This is their passion, and what drives them Beyond the Call.  Happy EMS Week!

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  1. Elizabeth lemons on May 21, 2019 at 1:40 am

    Congratulations all!

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