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Patrick Membership Rates

 Patrick Rehab-Wellness Center is Fayetteville's #1 Fitness Center.  We offer individual and family membership options to fit all your needs!

Yearly Rates

Yearly Rate

$385.00 - Individual

$545.00 Family

Monthly Bank Draft Rate with Yearly Contract

$32.08 / month - Individual

Individual membership paid in full - $350 + bonus month

$45.41 / month - Family

Family Membership paid in full - $480 + bonus month

Quarterly Rates

Quarterly Rates

$155.00 - Individual

$210.00 - Family

Monthly Rates

Monthly Rates

$60.00 - Individual

$85.00  - Family

Walking Pass

Daily / Weekly Pass

$20.00 per month

$5 for a day pass

$15 weekly pass available for out-of-town guests

A family membership includes a husband/father, wife/mother, and dependents. Family memberships are not to exceed 5 members.  Additional charges will apply at a rate of $5 per month per family member over the total number of 5 members.

An eligible dependent must be (1) an unmarried child, stepchild, ward or person for whom the parent is legally responsible and (2) if over the age of 18 must be on the parent's insurance or a full-time student but not over the age of 25.  For students, proof of at least 12 hours of classes will be required each semester.

new rates effective 1/1/2020


Personal Trainer
Certified Fitness Instructors

Heated Swimming Pool


Free Weights

Machine Weights

Walking/Running Track

Aerobic Room (Cushioned Floor)

Cardio Room

Basketball Court

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