Tabata with Paula, Debbie, or Kim

Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT).  This high energy workout focuses on cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength.  Work intervals are usually 20 - 60 seconds with short periods of rest ranging from 10-20 seconds.  These intervals are repeated throughout the class with varying exercises.

ZUMBA with Paula

Zumba is a Latin inspired fitness class that incorporates Latin and International music and movements which creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system. Fast-paced choreography makes this class a FUN workout!

Cardio Jam with Debbie

Cardio Jam is a spin-off class of Zumba following a dance style workout that is sure to be a blast!

Body 360 with Beth

This class incorporates aerobic work and and toning to burn calories and strengthen major muscle groups. We finish the class with core and balance training to provide a 360 degree workout!

Dance2Fit with Montie

Dance2Fit is a fun, energizing dance fitness program that provides an effective way to loose weight by combining cardio dancing with body and weight strengthening.

Strength Training with Kim

This class focuses on weight training in both the weight rooms and class rooms followed up with stationary or group cardio.  Each muscle group is worked over the course of the week with different workouts each day.  This is a great class for those who are unsure about weight lifting and/or using the equipment.  For best results, do not skip classes.