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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging offers a variety of state-of-the-art services, including:
  • diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • mammography
  • radiography (X-Ray)
  • fluoroscopy
  • nuclear medicine
  • computed tomography (CT)
  • sonography (Ultrasound)
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Other advanced technology available includes a Digital Stereotactic Biopsy Unit, which allows breast biopsies to be performed quickly and easily in an outpatient setting without surgery.

In addition, the mammography department uses CAD (Computer Aided Detections), which works as a “second set of eyes” during the reading of mammograms, assists the Radiologist in detecting micro calcifications and other abnormalities of the breast.

Superior images, faster diagnostics, and greater patient comfort are what Lincoln Medical Center is all about.

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