Emergency Department

In cases of emergency, please dial 911.

The Lincoln Health System Emergency Department has served the Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama community since 1917 with a caring team of administrators, ancillary staff, physicians, nurses, and paramedics. Advances in video and teleconferencing technology have made it possible to connect patients that are having symptoms of a stroke immediately to a neurologist at St. Thomas Hospital. The doctor is able to see and perform a virtual examination and in conjunction with the treating physician determine the appropriate care.

Reasons to come to the ER include:

· Severe chest pains or palpitations
· Severe shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
· Severe abdominal pain
· New weakness on one side of your body, difficulty walking, swallowing or speaking, loss of vision, balance or fainting
· Dislocated joints or obvious broken bones
· Head injuries associated with fainting, repeated episodes of vomiting or change in level of consciousness
· Serious burns, especially those involving large areas of the trunk and torso, face, hands, feet or crossing joints. Young children and patients with multiple chronic illnesses should also be evaluated.

What should you expect when you come to the ER?

Every patient will receive a screening exam performed by a trained medical professional. Patients are seen according to the urgency of their condition.
When you arrive, a triage nurse will take your vital signs and ask you a list of pertinent medical questions. From this information, the nurse will determine if your condition is emergent, urgent or non-urgent. This influences your wait times when the ER is very busy or has a high number of very ill patients.

Other factors that will influence your wait time:
  • Critical and severe cases are always seen before less critical cases.
  • Ambulances arriving with patients of varying conditions affect the number of beds available to see patients in the treatment area.
  • Labs and any imaging (x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans) can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours from the time it is ordered to having a completed report.
Visitor Information

Visitors are welcome in the Emergency Department. At sensitive or peak times, you may be asked to leave the department or remain in your respective rooms. This is to help protect patient and family privacy.
There are vending machines located on the Ground Floor. We ask that patients are not allowed to eat or drink anything prior to being seen.

Follow-Up Care

If you are discharged, you will receive instructions on follow-up care. Always feel free to ask questions any time you don’t understand your instructions. The doctor or nurse will go over any new medications prescribed and will let you know if you will need to see your primary care doctor or specialist for further treatment or evaluation.
You may receive a patient satisfaction survey about your visit to the ER. We are always striving to improve our patient experiences and your feedback is an important part of this process

To reach our emergency department, please call: 931-438-1100