The Women’s Center at Lincoln Health System is a comprehensive program designed to highlight the labor and delivery experience.  We understand that the birth of your baby is a once in a lifetime moment filled with emotion and is not simply a ‘medical procedure.'  We offer Board Certified Physicians to keep the health of both mom and baby at the forefront of every decision and provide our families with the comfort of their expertise.

Our Certified Nurse Midwives offer one on one  coaching and care during labor and delivery.  Unlike Obstetricians/Gynecologists, our midwives do not have the struggle of balancing a surgical schedule with deliveries allowing them the freedom of more time with their patients.

Our Labor and Delivery Unit offers spacious Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Post-Partum Rooms.  The LDRPs allow our families the space and privacy needed to enjoy the birth of their child without being shuttled to a recovery room hours after delivery.  We offer birthing options which allow moms to choose how much or how little pain management intervention they desire.  Conventional pain management and epidurals are available as well as natural childbirth options including labor pools for water laboring with wireless waterproof fetal/maternal monitoring to ensure the safety of both mom and baby.  Patient administered nitrous oxide is also available allowing mom the ability to self-administer relief when needed.   Each LDRP is equipped with an aromatherapy diffuser and Bluetooth speakers further allowing families the ability to customize their birth.   After delivery, a Celebratory Dinner will be served in your LDRP with a customizable menu allowing you to further enjoy the first hours with your new blessing.

The Women’s Center at LHS strives to provide personalized care which celebrates your health and empowers your birth experience, balancing the options you desire for your labor with the safety you need to ensure a safe and happy birth day.

We do our best to treat you like family - to make you as comfortable as possible.

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