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If you have ever visited Donalson Care Center then you know that our residents aren’t the only people you may come to love. For many years we were blessed by the presence of Lucky, the resident dog. Sadly in late 2010 Lucky passed away and since her departure she has never been replaced. That was all until resident Tom Gulley decided to make it his mission to find the nursing home a new dog.

Tom has been a resident at Donalson Care Center for the last ten years. After a bad wreck that left him crippled, Tom needed someone to help care for him, he has called Donalson home ever since.
“I knew we needed another dog after Lucky died, Tom explains. When Lucky died everyone missed her, and wanted to know where she was. I knew we needed another one, so I started looking.”

Tom traveled for several days back and forth from Donalson to the Animal Shelter until he found that perfect one.
“I went to look at a certain few dogs and when I got there they were adopted, he continues. I looked out in the field on my last visit there and saw this dog looking back at me. I had them bring her over to me. The staff wasn’t really planning on getting another dog, Tom continued. That is why I took it upon myself to look for us one. There was just something about this dog that day in the field.”

Tom couldn’t resist, they loaded her up and she now resides at Donalson Care Center. She had been dropped off at the local animal shelter with eight puppies. She was the only one left who had not been adopted. The animal shelter had named her Chelsea, but Tom didn’t think that fit. He says she was just too precious, that is how she got her name.

“Precious is a very lovable dog. If one of the residents is sick she climbs in the bed with them. She makes my stay here more enjoyable, Tom added. She’s my buddy, but Precious does have her picks. Everyone is a huge help with Precious. If they see her bowl empty they feed her. We even have someone who bathes her every Saturday.”

“Precious will never be mistreated. Anyone who gets caught will have their toes run-over. I think Precious may be a yellow lab mix. One thing is for sure, she is already a full blooded nursing home dog.”

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