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Lincoln Health System is proud to share that Donalson Care Center successfully completed their annual state recertification survey with a positive outcome. 

“This is a great accomplishment,” said Darrell Blaylock, Lincoln Health System Chief Executive Officer.  “We are extremely proud of the hard work the staff and administration at Donalson Care Center has put in to making sure our care and services meet or exceed the rigorous standards set by our regulating agencies.”

State surveys are conducted by Tennessee Department of Health in accordance with strict guidelines administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Surveyors arrive unannounced and will observe patient care and check records for compliance. Areas surveyed include quality of services, patient care, confidentiality, cleanliness, and resident rights.

At the closure of the survey, the survey team provided praise to the staff for the happy nature of the residents in their care.

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