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The Lincoln County Health System Foundation will concentrate all fundraising efforts this year on the purchase of a mini-ambulance for the Lincoln Medical Center EMS. This will be an off road vehicle that will be used for events and special rescue situations.

“Each year the foundation chooses an item to focus all their fundraising goals around,” explains Debbie Pruitt, Foundation President. “Last year all money raised by the Foundation went to Lincoln Medical Home Health and Hospice. In the past we have been blessed to help the EMS, the Chest Pain Center at Lincoln Medical Center, the Care Centers, and the Patrick Rehab and Wellness Center. We saw it only fitting to continue our efforts in an area that could benefit the community in more ways than one.”

The Lincoln Medical Center EMS provides coverage to approximately 540 square miles, with an average call for service of 550 calls per month. LMC EMS is the sole provider of emergency medical services in the prehospital setting in Lincoln County. LMC EMS provides all 911 coverage, while also providing medical transport, and event and special rescue coverage, along with providing community outreach and education.

“Event and special rescue situations are an area in which we could utilize a UTV specialized for event coverage,” explains Richard Wright, LMC EMS Director. “Standard ambulances are often too large and too expensive to attempt to gain access to remote locations or to navigate through large crowds. This can often result in delays in care, increased risk to citizens, and occasionally damage to ambulances. This can also result in increased use of staffing to properly stabilize a patient and extricate them to an awaiting ambulance.”

“LMC EMS currently provides event coverage for several large scale events each year, including the Lincoln County Fair, Host of Christmas Past, football games for the county and city, 5K and 10K runs and several horse shows,” Wright continues. “We also provide emergent medical care for special rescue situations such as swift water rescue, wilderness rescue, and mass casualty response. This vehicle will be able to help us extricate patients form areas that we cannot reach with a standard ambulance. We will be most grateful to the Foundation for helping to raise funds so that we can purchase this much needed item. The safety of our community would benefit greatly from the purchase of this mini ambulance.”

“We are currently making plans for our biggest fundraiser of the year, that being our annual Boston Butt Sale,” adds Pruitt. “The sale is very special as we continue to dedicate it to the memory of our beloved David Groce, the late CFO of the Lincoln County Health System and active Foundation supporter. David had a great love for the Foundation and was instrumental in making this sale a success each year. All proceeds from this project will go towards the mini ambulance.”

The sale is planned for Saturday, May 23, from 11:00am-1:30pm in the parking lot of Gerald’s Foodland. Tickets are sold in advance and can be purchased from any Foundation board member, or can be reserved now by calling 438-7620.

The Lincoln County Health System Foundation is an organization whose purpose is to pursue important community health care needs. The cost of providing quality health care continues to increase at rapid levels. The Lincoln County Health System strives to maintain the latest technological advances, as well as staying up-to-date with the changing community needs and continual demand to upgrade and improve equipment and services. The Foundation helps in meeting those needs through fundraising with involvement and service to the community. For additional information about the Lincoln County Health System Foundation or to find out how you can help visit, or call Mary Beth Seals, Executive Director at 438-7620.

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