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931-438-1100 - Fayetteville, TN

The Lincoln Health System Volunteer Auxiliary recently donated over $10,000 to Lincoln Health System to purchase needed equipment across all of the health system’s facilities.  Each year, the Auxiliary collects a ‘wish list’ from each facility of an item or items that would directly benefit the patients of Lincoln Health System.  The Auxiliary works hard all year long by raising these funds through the operation of the Lincoln Medical Center Gift Galleria and other fundraisers such as an Easter Bake Sale and $5 Jewelry and Gift Sale.


Pictured: Lincoln Health System Volunteer Auxiliary with Lincoln Health System representative Shelley Reilly

The donation for 2018 included a $1000 donation to the Medication Fund for Indigent patients, a C-pap machine, vital sign monitor, and temporal thermometer for Lincoln Medical Center’s Med-Surg floor, a new centrifuge for the laboratory, new patient transport wheelchairs, and a new Glute/Hamstring Machine for the Patrick.

“We are very thankful for this group of volunteers who work so hard to serve our community through our health system.  Lincoln Health System is a county-owned, non-profit facility. We are proud to be self-sustaining and we receive no tax money from the county so our budgets are often very tight and their donation helps provide needed equipment that may not otherwise be purchased.” stated system CEO Candie Starr.

In addition to their hard work in fundraising to support the Systems’ mission to provide excellent, innovative, patient-focused health care for every member of our community, the members of Lincoln Health System’s Volunteer Auxiliary are a constant presence at our facilities greet patients and visitors, assist with administrative duties, or comfort a worried patient or family.

If you would like to join this group of hard-working volunteers, you can contact the LHS Human Resource Department at 931-438-7385.

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