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Patient Testimonials

Harleigh McNeely

Patient at Lincoln Medical Center, Labor and Delivery

"My nursing staff made this the best hospital stay I've ever had, even despite not having my delivery go as I had planned! Sarah and Regina made our stay especially amazing. They were extremely kind and helpful."


Mike and Cindy Tinney

Patient at Lincoln Medical Center

“My care at Lincoln Medical Center started with a trip to the ER by ambulance, and we have been thoroughly impressed with the entire process.  Dr. Mize in the ER was absolutely wonderful and Dr. Thomas on MedSurg has been great - he has a good sense of humor.  The staff is very skilled and the facilities, equipment, and everything is in tip-top shape.  We would definitely recommend LMC.”


Will Smotherman

Patient of Dr. Beasley, LMG Orthopedic Associates

“I fell while cutting a limb from a tree and ended up needing surgery on my hip.  Everyone at Lincoln Medical Center treated me right.  I think Dr. Beasley and Dr. Sain are the best doctors around."


Bobby and Margie Gray

Patient of Lincoln Medical Center Emergency Room

“It would have been impossible to have received more compassionate, kind and prompt care,” said Lincoln County residents, Bobby and Margie Gray, of their recent experience with the Lincoln Medical Center Emergency Room.

After Mr. Bobby Gray, former Lincoln County School superintendent and Highland Rim principalgray-testimonial-18-2 woke in the middle of the night with chest pain, the couple came to the Emergency Room at Lincoln Medical Center. Upon arrival, registration clerk, Angela Sartain, immediately noticed something was wrong.  She got him on back to be evaluated by the Emergency Room physician who soon determined Mr. Gray had had a heart attack.

The couple said they never hesitated when making their decision to come to Lincoln Medical Center and they are proud to support their community hospital and the thorough, compassionate, and personalized care provided right here in Lincoln County.



Joseph Hamilton

Patient of Lincoln Medical Center and Patrick Rehab  joseph-hamilton-cropped

On April 10, 2109, I woke up with a very bad case of constipation and went to the Lincoln Medical Center emergency room. After an x-ray, the Dr. gave me some medication and sent me home. All treatment at that time was excellent. At around five o'clock that same afternoon I became sick at my stomach and very weak. My family carried me back to the emergency room and I continued treatment for constipation.  At around two o'clock it was determined that something more than what I was being treated for was wrong and I was admitted to the hospital. On Thursday morning the hospitalist, Dr. Slater started examining me and did as many tests over the next thirty-six hours as were necessary to find what was wrong with me. She went the extra mile, studying that Thursday night , trying to pinpoint a diagnosis. During the afternoon on Friday, she was convinced I
had either Guillain Barre, Botulism or Tick Fever. Since she had done all the tests available to her and was not completely convinced of what was wrong, she suggested we move to another hospital for a sure diagnosis. She said at the time that she was pretty sure it was Guillain Barre. We were transported to Nashville, St. Thomas West, and within minutes after arriving the attending neurologist told us I had Guillain Barre and he based that diagnosis on what Dr. Slater had found in the testing she did. Treatment was started in a matter.of minutes and I am thankful for the professional and complete job that was done by the Dr. and staff at Lincoln Medical Center. My follow up therapy, which has been carried out by the therapy group at the Patrick Rehab has been excellent. In short, the care and treatment by the staff and management of both of these facilities that are available to us as residents here are top-notch. I am so thankful for where I am today physically due to these people.


Johanna Westerhuis

Daughter of Lincoln Medical Center Surgical Patient tania-fak

A HUGE THANK YOU to Dr. Crump for the life-saving surgery and comfort he provided my mother during her stay! The nurses on the 2nd floor may be small in number but they are ANGELS OF MERCY for their caring and attention. My mother was kept comfortable and taken care of during her 6-day stay. Our family felt more like she was being taken care of by family and friends. THANK YOU!!!!



Alice Daly

Donalson Care Center Short Stay Rehab patient

All in all, this was the best place for me.  It is the best place for anyone who lives by themselves.  I don't see where I could get better care anywhere.  They took excellent care of me and I would come back again!



Jeff and Mildred McNatt

Lincoln Medical Center patient, surgeon: Dr. Crump

Our day started at 5:00 a.m... 6:15 Lincoln Medical...Jeff had surgery at 8:00 am. Lincoln County is blessed to have Dr. Crump. He is an ace in the hole for our hospital. The nurses have all been super good. Thanks to all the folks that spent their day taking care of sick folks.  Thank you Lincoln Medical for great care.


Candy Richards

Donalson Care Center Short Stay Rehab patient

dsc_0648Where do you go after a hip replacement?  Would you think that you would enjoy rehab when you just had your hip replaced? Well, I did just that at Donalson Short Stay Rehab in Fayetteville. The nurses were wonderful, the food was great AND the physical therapy was fantastic! What more can I say!  I was there 17 days and wanted to stay longer, but was doing so well they said you're outta here!!  Thank you all for doing a great job.


Diana and Dennis McBay


Thanks to the therapy provided by LHS, my husband danced the YMCA from his wheelchair at our son's wedding.  He knew the wedding was coming up and he was so discouraged and thought he wouldn't be up for the wedding, where he was the best man!  Thanks to his therapist who made his therapy fun and gave him hope all while working on his upper arm strength.

Darlene Freeman

My Heartfelt Appreciation

I never dreamed that on Monday, May 12, 2008, when I had to take my mom to Donalson Care Center that it would be her home, the place she would live out the remainder of her life. I had always promised mama and daddy that if they lived long enough and were at the point where they couldn’t take care of themselves that I’d take care of them at home.

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Well, beware of promises you cannot keep! Sometimes our ailing parent or grandparent gets so bad physically that you can’t take care of them all by yourself, so you have to seek professional nursing care. So that being said, let me say a big “thank you” to the wonderful staff at Donalson Care and Skilled Care Center.

All the nurses, techs, housekeepers, office staff, dietary, etc., are top notch! I could not ask for a better group of people. They put up with all the arguing, complaining, nagging, and nit-picking day after day from mama, and never once did they turn a bad word or attitude toward her.
And the excellent nurses at Skilled Care were all so professional, kind and caring to mama and my family during her final two days here on earth. They kept her as pain-free as possible, and for that, thank you.

A big thank you to Dr. Ricky McCauley for all the years of treating mama. You truly are a wonderful physician and person.
To the EMTs and Lincoln Medical Center – thank you for always being so wonderful to mom when she had to go to the hospital. To Dr. Powell and staff, thank you so much and special thanks to Aunt Wanda for all the long hours you stayed with me at mom’s bedside during her final hours. To Aunt Debbie, thanks for these years of being my shoulder to cry on. To Aunt Brenda and Cindy, thanks for all the letters of comfort and caring these past five years. To my precious Brogan Avenue Church family, for all the love, support and prayers during mama’s long illness and her death.
To Rev. James Barnes, thank you for being a wonderful pastor and friend and for the beautiful service. To Ray and Martha, thanks for all the visits. Mama loved them and you so much. To Don, for all the visits and tomatoes you brought momma. To Ronnie, thanks for all the visits and prayers. To all the area churches and organizations, for the cards, visits and gifts that you do regularly for the Care Centers and to my son, Jason, and my sister, Diane, for putting up with me since mama had to go to the nursing home. Thanks for listening when I complained, for letting me cry for hours on end, and for understanding.

And to anyone who had any interaction with my mom, Annie Lindsey, whatever you did to help her stay a little happier, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And if you’re lucky enough to still have your mom with you, please tell her every day how much you love and appreciate her. I can’t tell mama that anymore, but I know she knew how much I loved her and I did everything I could to show her that while she was here. I love you, mama, and I miss you terribly.

Darlene Lindsey Freeman,


Donny Ogle

I am writing to share my personal experience with you about the care I was given by the Lincoln County Health System. I was recently a patient and had to undergo treatment from not just the hospital but several of the other facilities within the system. I consider it a blessing to have been surrounded by such talented and skilled individuals. The most wonderful asset to our health system is that they offer care and treatment from birth to life. There are not many places where that convenience can be offered. We are more fortunate that we can imagine.

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I first came in early April to see Dr. Gurganious, the orthopedic surgeon. I was already not feeling well so Dr. Gurganious sent me to see Dr. Barnes. Dr. Barnes noticed that things were just not right and I was then sent to St. Thomas Heart in Murfreesboro. After everything checked out all right I was then cleared for surgery.

On April 10, 2012 I had a knee replacement. I stayed four days and by Saturday it was time to go home. I was still sick so they offered to let me go to Donalson Skill Care. I declined and my wife cared for me at home. Lincoln Medical Home Health & Hospice came and did therapy and sent a nurse as well. I was very satisfied with their service, but I was still sick. Home Health kept trying to help figure out what was making me feel so bad.

When I didn’t improve, I was sent back to the hospital for a three day stay. I was released again. I had a routine follow up with Dr. Rowe, my diabetes doctor in Murfreesboro. He insisted, due to the breathing problems I was now having, that I see Dr. Barnes; my primary care physician. He quickly called an ambulance and had me sent on to St. Thomas. It was there that they discovered a 70% blockage and roughness in the artery. I am still battling with this condition, but I am hopeful that I am headed towards recovery.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful everyone was to me. The people at the Patrick Rehab and Wellness Center were all very knowledgeable about what they do.

After all my rounds in and out of the hospital, I was doing well, then fell and broke my foot. I again had to make my rounds through the system. I saw Dr. Gurganious and also got to see Dr. Merrell. Again, I was so impressed with the skill of our physicians and the quality of care I received.

I am feeling much better. I am still going to therapy and it is going well. I am hoping soon, that my foot and knee will be well. The Lincoln County Health System is a wonderful place. I am thankful that I could go stay in Fayetteville for the different phases of care that I needed and be treated by the same establishment. The care that they gave me was wonderful. Their establishment is full of talented and highly trained individuals. I am happy to call Lincoln County my home. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a strong health care system.

Donny Ogle

Lincoln County Health System Board of Directors

Lisa Brown

I just wanted to let you know how much my family and I appreciate the care that my grandfather, Mr. Henry Marvin Monks, received at Donalson. My grandfather passed away on Feb. 24th. He had started out at Donalson's Assisted Living, and then he moved to nursing care. For the four years that he was at Donalson, we were very impressed with all the staff that we met. They exhibited patience, understanding, knowledge, and a genuine desire to be helpful and make the residents' lives positive! In particular, we thought that Sarah Schmehl from Assisted Living was absolutely wonderful! She always went above and beyond the call of duty!

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I am certain that people don't hesitate to let you know when things don't suit them, but I wanted to be sure and let you know that we think your staff did an excellent job taking care of Mr. Monks! We truly appreciate all that was done for him, even when he proved to be difficult! We know he had a stubborn streak in him, but your staff always seemed to know what to do for him! And any time we asked him, he always told us that he had good nurses that took good care of him.

Thank you again!


Lisa Brown

Grandaughter of Mr. Marvin Monks

Lori James

Thank you for all your kind words and support during the unexpected loss of my baby brother, Jeff. As well as the heart attack my mother had the same day we discovered and buried him.

Lori James

LT. Joel Massey

On August 8, 2012 at approximately 2015 hours, emergency crews were notified of a man down in Marvin's parking lot and not breathing. Upon my arrival Fayetteville Fire Department, First Responders, and EMS were on scene and administering CPR on the gentleman in the ambulance. These men diligently administered aid to this man for several minutes then transported him to the ER. I understand that a waitress at Marvin's also gave CPR before arrival of emergency crews.

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Upon my arrival to the ER I was advised the man had regained a heartbeat. He was then flown by helicopter to St. Thomas where, at the time of this writing, he was beginning to wake up. Of course we don't know what the future holds in store for this gentleman, but we do know without the intervention of these two crews there would have been no future for him. I want to take this opportunity to commend these guys for an outstanding job. Chad Brown EMS, Curtis Creson EMS, Jeff Smartt FFD, Tommy Cross FFD, and Josh Seymour FFD proved by their actions, professionalism and use of their training that they are a tremendous asset to this community and I am proud to be associated with them.

Lt. Joel Massey

Fayetteville Police Department

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Carlisle

I am writing this letter to let Donalson Nursing Home Skill Care know that my husband and I would really like to thank them for all their hard work and care they gave my husband. They took really good care and treated him with respect around the clock.

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I would also like to thank his doctor for staying on top of his illness and the treatment he gave him. The lunch ladies were helpful with my husband's picky eating. The office people at Donalson were very helpful too. Thanks to everyone. There are too many people to mention.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Carlisle

Robert Pat Askins

The family of Robert "Pat" Askins would like to thank Dr. McCauley, the staff of Donalson Care Center, Brother Jim Black, Higgins Funeral Home, family, friends, and our church family for all the prayers, cards, food and remembrances in the loss of our loved one.

In Christian Love,

Alverine Askins, Brends, Daphne & Jamie Posey, Steve, Kim, Katie & Nick Jean

Ron Cooper

Donalson Care Center Staff:

I thank you for the caring CARE that was given to my mother, Mildred Cooper, during her almost ten years living in Donalson.

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A healthcare facility is made up of many employees working together to provide patient care, food service, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, activities, social services, administration, medical records, and pharmacy services. After visiting many facilities over the years, I know that teamwork is crucial to effective patient care. Donalson employees should be proud of their success in achieving outstanding patient care as well as compassion for the families. I have come to love and respect all of you and sense that you made Mother part of your family.

Mother was happy being a resident of Donalson because of the loving care that she received from each of you.

Mother is now at peace, which is a blessing.

May God bless you,

Ron Cooper

Rosalind Greer

I was EXTREMELY pleased with all aspects of care that my mother Emily Sowell, (and myself) was given. There was absolutely nothing that I was not happy with. THANKS.

Rosalind Greer

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