What to Expect

 At Lincoln Health System, our patients are more than names, they are our neighbors. When you visit one of our many facilities, you should expect to receive high-quality health care from a team of physicians and staff who treat you like a real person. We serve our patients the way we would like to be served and that makes all the difference.

Calling patient rooms:  If you know the room number of the patient you are calling, dial 438-1 + the three-digit room number.

Lincoln Medical Center Visitation Policy

Limited Visitation Protocol in Place

effective January 19, 2021


Lincoln Health System recognizes visitor support provides reassurance for our patients and families alike.  We pride ourselves on being a patient and family-centered community organization.


Due to the COVID-19 surge, there is a limited visitation protocol in place.  Under the Limited Visitation Protocol, most patients will be eligible to have 1 designated support person with the following exceptions:

- Diagnostic Service Outpatients including patients visiting LMC for lab work or radiology studies such as mammograms, x-rays, CT, MRI, etc. are not allowed a support person unless the patient is under the age of 18 or needs assistance due to a disability or other condition.

- COVID positive patients are not allowed a visitor or support person.


One support person or visitor is permitted in the following areas:

- Emergency Department

- OB Outpatients

- Same Day Surgery

- Med-Surg



Special Accommodations may exist for the following patients:

- OB Inpatients/ Labor and Delivery - Two designated visitors will be permitted

- Pediatric Patients – Two designated caregivers will be permitted

- End-of-Life – Visitors are permitted at the discretion of administration

- Disabled or cognitively impaired patients- one visitor will be allowed with the approval of the administrator on call


If you are an approved visitor at LMC:

- You must be over the age of 18

- You must be screened and symptom-free at the LMC front entrance.

- You must wear a mask, sanitize hands frequently, and remain inside the patient room or designated area.

- You must adhere to LMC’s visitation hours, 7:00 am – 9:00 pm.


If you are not an approved visitor, LMC has processes to keep families informed of important care information.


*In times of restricted visitation, LHS recognizes the need for reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.  Provisions include but are not limited to the designation of support persons and authorization for support persons to stay or visit with patients with disabilities.  The support person will comply with screening and infection control policies and procedures.  If no support person is able to be with the patient, electronic communication is available.

Visitation policies may change without notice based on active transmission of COVID-19 in the community or facility. LHS is working with the Tennessee Department of Health and CDC to monitor the situation and plans to return to our regular visitation policies as timely as possible.


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