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Terms and Conditions

I authorize Lincoln Health System owned and operated by Lincoln County, Tennessee herein referred to as ”LHS,” to use my name, endorsement, testimonial, personal story, photographs (including but not limited to "Before and After" photos), likeness, and image, (all of the foregoing shall be collectively referred to by the term "Endorsement"), in connection with any marketing and/or advertising for the Facility branding campaign that Facility, in its sole discretion, elects to conduct.

I understand that Facility may elect to engage in such marketing and/or advertising campaigns via print, on the Internet, Web casts, CD/DVD ROM, over the airwaves, or through other communications media as Facility deems appropriate.   I waive any and all rights and claims to remuneration or compensation for Facility's use of my Endorsement, including but not limited to my rights of privacy and publicity. I agree that all photos, images, recordings or other materials comprising my Endorsement shall become the sole and exclusive property of Facility.  In addition, I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy, wherein my likeness or my testimonial appears.

I hereby hold harmless and release LHS from all claims, demands and causes of action which I, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators or any other persons acting on my behalf or on behalf of my estate have or may have by reason of this authorization.

I understand that my Endorsement may benefit may generally benefit my community, and that the possibility of such benefit constitutes sufficient consideration for this Release. Facility is under no obligation to use my Endorsement should it decide, in its sole discretion, that my Endorsement is not suitable for use in its marketing and/or advertising campaign.

I certify that all Endorsement materials that I submit to Facility are true and accurate. I further certify that I will not omit any facts from my testimonial or endorsement that a reasonable consumer would consider relevant when making the decision to utilize Facility's services. To the extent that my Endorsement required the application of expertise, I certify that my qualifications provide the required expertise and that I have exercised my expertise to the degree necessary to support the conclusion in my Endorsement.

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