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Lincoln Health System is now using telemedicine technology to move care beyond the hospital to provide quality and lifesaving patient care closer to home.   The hospital recently partnered with TriStar Health to provide 24/7 stroke and neurological care to patients.

Telemedicine allows immediate access for acute stroke care-especially in communities where neurologists are not on call 24/7. Within minutes of a request for a consultation, a Lincoln Medical Center ER physician can position the telemedicine robot at a patient’s bedside and connect via the Internet to a TriStar neurologist specializing in stroke and neurological care.  The robot provides two-way audio and video communication and many remote presence devices, such as an electronic stethoscope.  The TriStar neurologist can remotely examine a patient’s ability to move and speak and even zoom in to allow a complete full exam.

By getting immediate access to a neurologist, patients may be eligible to receive time-critical clot-busting medication called tissue plasminogen activator or Alteplase, which can save brain function and reduce disability.  As a result, emergency physicians can more quickly treat stroke patients in the ER and reduce or eliminate long-term stroke impacts on patients.

“In addition to the immediate access to a neurologist in an emergency situation, the new technology provides the availability of tele-neurology consults for non-emergency situations for our patients on the Medical-Surgical and Intensive Care Units,” said Carrie Rogers, Director of Nursing for Lincoln Health System.   “By performing the neurology consult remotely, we may be able to prevent the need to transport the patient to another facility for specialty care and give the patient the opportunity to receive their specialty care closer to home.”

TriStar Health provides 24/7 access to stroke and neurological experts who will determine the best treatment plan and coordinate the rapid transfer to a comprehensive stroke certified center.

About Lincoln Health System

Lincoln Health System (LHS) is a county-owned, non-profit health system located in Fayetteville, Tennessee.  The health system’s humble beginnings began back in 1916 when the area’s all-female Alpha Kappa Club made it their mission to lobby for a much-needed hospital in Lincoln County.   In less than 12 months, the vision became a reality and Lincoln County Hospital opened its doors on April 25, 1917.  One hundred years later, Lincoln Health System is still serving the community. LHS consists of a 59-bed acute care hospital, an ambulance service, long-term care and skilled care facility, home health and hospice agency, and freestanding outpatient rehabilitation and wellness center.  For more information about Lincoln Health System its facilities, medical services, and physicians, visit










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